Beehive Project

About our community managed beehives:

Our community managed beehives aim to support the dwindling bee population. Bees are vital for a healthy ecosystem, but their numbers are declining, largely confined to large-scale operations. FEC’s ‘Adopt a Beehive’ project aims to counter this trend by distributing smaller beehives across numerous locations nationwide. This initiative not only enhances local pollination but also empowers individuals, even those without prior beekeeping experience, to contribute to bee conservation.

In collaboration with UBC’s engineering students, we’re integrating IoT technology for real-time beehive monitoring. Adopters can effortlessly check hive conditions, such as temperature and bee activity, from their devices. This project isn’t just about fostering sustainable beekeeping and biodiversity; it’s also an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and potentially enjoy the sweet reward of your own honey.