Sebastien Chabot


Sebastien has been a pivotal member of our team, playing a key role in the successful launch of several non-profit projects. He is an avid enthusiast of nature, sports, and computer work! He brings a wealth of expertise spanning over two decades in the industry to our foundation. He is passionately advocates for harnessing the collective energy towards a greater purpose.

Pascal Tremblay

Information Officer

Pascal has devoted himself to aligning his actions, both personal and professional, with a central focus on prioritizing humanity. Drawing from a rich tapestry of diverse life experiences and his role as a father, he has honed an exceptional ability to adapt to a multitude of situations.

Chelsea Zhao

Project Development & Art Design

Chelsea has assumed various roles at FEC, showcasing her versatility in project implementation and video design. Her talent extends notably to beehive and greenhouse design, where she excels with skill and creativity.

Shiyu Kou

Content & Communications

Shiyu is an integral part of the team. She collaborates with all stakeholders and provide communication and development strategies that drive business results. Her dedication is evident in her work ethics – not only a committed team member, but also brings a dynamic energy to our group through her active lifestyle as an enthusiastic biker and adventurer.

Andi Li, Clare Chen, Mena Hessein-Hassona, Cesar Enamorado, Julian

UBC CAP-51 Beehive Project

This is a dedicated group of electrical and computer engineering students brought together by their passion for sustainable technology. As part of their Capstone project, they will be working with FEC to develop an Internet of IoT-enabled beehive to optimize the distribution of beehives across Canada. They are excited to bring a sustainable solution to beekeeping.